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Kurs 1:

Blockflöte mit
Lucia Mense

Barock-Violine mit
Florian Deuter

Barock-Mandoline mit
Katsia Prakopchyk

Hammerklavier mit
Alexander Puliaev

Barockcello mit
Holger Faust-Peters

Kurs 2:

Querflöte mit
Natalia Gerakis

Gitarre mit
Volker Höh

Harfe mit
Mirjam Rietberg


Courses and Tutors

General Info
Flyer with an overview of course 1 & 2 (german only)

Course 1:

Recorder with
Lucia Mense

Baroque Violin with
Florian Deuter

Baroque Mandolin with
Katsia Prakopchyk

Pianoforte with
Alexander Puliaev

Viol/Baroque Cello with Holger Faust-Peters

Course 2:

Flute with
Natalia Gerakis

Guitar with
Volker Höh

Harp with
Mirjam Rietberg

Saturday 23/07/2016 - Saturday 30/07/2016

Course for Recorder with Lucia Mense

at the Kloster Springiersbach, Bengel / Germany

Lucia Mense, Soloist, Chamber Musician
and Pedagogue, Cologne

„As a musician cannot touch his listeners without being touched himself, he should be able to perform and figure all the effects he wants to evoke in his listeners.“ (C. P. E. Bach)


Interpretation of baroque music according to the historical performance practise; sound shaping and articulation; musical rhetoric, effects and their performance; ornamentation.

In addition to individual lessons there will be the possibility to play chamber music with participants of the parallel courses for baroque violin, baroque mandolin and harpsichord. You are welcome to bring your own choice of music. A list of proposals for chamber music can be send on request.

The course offers

• Individual lessons - repertoire for recorder solo/
  recorder and harpsichord
• Lessons on technical issues (in group)
• Rehearsal with harpsichord accompaniment
• Chamber music lessons (optional)
• Recorder ensemble (optional)
• Training on how to perform in concert
• Tutors' opening concert
• Participants final concert


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